Pinup Palace/Barber Shop

Inside the Pinup Palace (Commercial Building) you will find vintage clothing boutiques, antique display, three hot rod and vintage photo shoot backdrops, a barber shop and a pinup salon! Ladies after you visit the salon you can purchase a dress at the boutique and then purchase a mini pinup photoshoot!

Ladies will be able to receive a basic pinup style hair updo FREE

(pinup hair and makeup is not just for pinup contest entries– all is welcome!)

Gents will be able to receive a cut and shave for FREE

**Our barbers and stylists are working for tips! So please folks, don’t let them leave empty handed!!

Barber Shop and Salon Hours:

Saturday & Sunday 9-12 & 1-4


Please welcome our Barber Shop  :  Dave Pegg’s Barbering & Shave Parlor      50 N Main Ave.   Sharon, PA   (724) 982-9800

Please welcome our salon stylists:

Blair Ferry 

Alexis Hawken- Makeup


Please welcome our pinup photographer: Fio Rhodes     Vibes Alive Photography