Vendor Information

DEADINE July 15, 2022

Food Vendors: Please contact Nicolle 330-842-0436

Non-Food Vendors:

Must fit the theme of the event: “hot rod, chopper, bobber, pinup, greaser, vintage, vintage jewelry & clothing, etc.”  At this time we are not allowing outside T-shirt vendors and items with profanity is prohibited.

EMAIL FOR QUESTIONS:  Nicolle 330-842-0436

Download agreement & Rules and email for pricing and contract approval.  Must Submit application for approval.

10×30 Outdoor spot $100.00  includes two weekend wristbands ONLY

-(10 Foot frontage and 30 deep)

10×10 Indoor spot Call/Email for Pricing  includes two weekend wristbands ONLY

-(10 Foot frontage and 10 deep)

**electric and camping fees extra.  Camping is not allowed at vendor space–camping in campgrounds ONLY

Request the vendor contract by email or phone for details

Please note, if you have discrepancies with contract or rules, please email for possible negotiation.

** All vendor contracts are subject to approval by E&N Vintage Entertainment.  Must fit theme of event : hot rod, chopper/bobber, pinup/greaser, vintage, etc.  Outside T-shirt Vendors and items with profanity will not be accepted.

There will be no pinstriping or painting of any kind on any vehicle/bike/antiques/objects unless it is part of the charity event and must be approved by Cassandra Seth. Anyone in violation of this will be escorted off the grounds immediately.





Vendors please send agreement application to for approval. Once approved we will send paypal invoice for reservation payment.

**Only those contracted to sell Food are authorized to sell food/drink. No exceptions!…/Vendor Agreement -non food 2022

Download the above Agreement and email to

*paypal payments accepted