Open Track

Vintage - Pre 1979 Only!

Open track is for (Vintage) PRE 1979 Flat Track Motorcycles or Rotex flat track motorcylces, Vintage Dirt Track Racing Cars and REGISTERED & INSURED PRE 1979 SHOW CARS ONLY!

NO vehicles will be trailered into the event except vintage dirt track race cars.

Trailer parking is located in general parking for those who trailer their show vehicles to the event.  You may unload outside the gates and drive into the event.

No One under the age of 18 are permitted to participate in open track.

Come out and test and tune or just run some laps for fun!! **MUST WEAR HELMET

Open track tickets and open track passes will be sold:

Open track tickets may be purchased for $10 which will give you one time out with 4 laps.

Open track passes may purchased for $20 and that will give you unlimited times out in 4 lap increments during open track times.

Track tickets may be used Friday or Saturday during open track times.

Track passes may only be used the day of purchase during open track times.

Track passes are per Driver NOT per vehicle.

I’m sorry open track will not be a free event due to the cost of the track rental, also the cost of the safety crew, and insurance that is required for us to have for you to be on the track.



*One vehicle on the track at a time during open track.

*One passenger allowed

*NO DRINKING AND DRIVING.  If you want to drive on the dirt, no alcohol allowed.  Impaired drivers will not be allowed on the track.  On/off duty Sheriff’s will be on site to enforce this rule.

*Only licensed drivers allowed on the track.  If you do not have a valid drivers license you cannot drive on the track.

*All drivers and passengers must sign a waiver before entering the track- NO EXCEPTIONS.

*Must be 18 years old. (This is the age requirement  per our Insurance)

*If you wish to go on the dirt track again, you must get back in the staging lanes and wait your turn!

*Other rules may be added as show approaches or situations arise.

**SHOW CARS ONLY- you cannot trailer some heap of junk out to run around the track just because  it’s pre 1979!

We reserve the right to deny access to anyone at any time.  If you have any questions, please refer to the open track photos to see the caliber of vehicles allowed.